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SL87 - Large mixed commercial residential property Germany for sale

Ziegelberg 2, 09468 Geyer, Geyer, Sachsen, Germany
£ 11,000
  • Beds: 7
  • Parking:
  • Total viewing: 100
Whole apartment block, near town centre – including former wedding shop.
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About property
Property in Geyer, Saxony. Whole apartment block, near town centre – including former wedding shop. To the right you see the entrance to the former wedding shop and tailor, gigantic premises complete with a showroom, office bureau and stores. Inside the shop, basements and attic some old stock remains including several sewing machines. Needs extensive renovation and construction remediation. The population of this town is approx 4000. looking from the street side, on the left you see the other entrance taking you up to the offices and apartments upstairs, all the way up to the attic. Just around the corner there’s a great takeaway too, not to mention some lively bars found nearer the town square. This property is in the town centre. The Czech Republic is only 15 Mins away. Every German in the area stocks up in CZ for certain products, being so close you can be doing the same. Prague airport offers excellent, low cost connections to the UK and is easily reached along the motorway. Staying in Germany, both Dresden and Leipzig airports are approximately one hour away. Again, lots of low cost flights at both airports to choose from, offering connections to the UK and the world. The entire property clearly requires both construction and renovation work.
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