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SOLD Ugp49,  SOLD Pausa Germany Deutschland Family home with seperate granny flat for sale Germany

£ 50,000

Freiheitsstrasse 12, 07952, Pausa,
Multi family homes

Base Information

Bed: 5
Living Areas: 3
Large family home with seperate granny flat in Pausa with potential easy return on investment within 5 years or less in most cases. Nice big solid building with new guttering and more.

Expect around 450 Euros rental income when each has been revitalised, thats 5400 Euros per year / 54,000 Euros in 10 years, thats an impressive ROI!

Under Offer Large family home in Germany with granny flat.

Expect around 450 Euros rental income when each has been revitalised, thats 5400 Euros per year / 54,000 Euros in 10 years, thats an impressive ROI!

With 5 Bedrooms, possibly more, this is the ideal investment home to move to, to let out or hold on to for possible future sale or relocation. You have a basement with 3 rooms, the house is on mains sewerage and electric is on. The back garden is nice, there is a drive and there is a possibility to do what the former owners did and have the front be a drive in garage, you could park the car in the integrated garage or out the back. Lots of options here. There is a nice original outbuilding out the back. The house has been refreshed. On the ground floor you have the former drive in integral garage, now the entrance hall, granny flat with one bedroom, space for bathroom and kitchen / diner. The first floor has bedrooms and a large lounge as well as kitchen and bathroom with bath and shower. On the third floor you'll find 3 bedrooms, or convert one bedroom into a bathroom, whatever you wish. . Possibilities are endless, including the example below: Rent the house out for at least 500 Euros per month, this would bring in 6000 Euros per year, 60,000 Euros in 10 years, then you can sell it at a profit without any capital gains for at least 45,000 Euros, total 105,000 Euros in 10 years, profit at least 75,000 - Thats a proper return beating any bank. Nowhere in Europe will you find this sort of return on your investment, such a low price and in a very nice location. This 3 floor home is in the town of Pausa, the block is owned outright and the sale is direct from the owner.

Pausa is a town in the Vogtlandkreis district, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is situated 13 km east of Schleiz, and 14 km northwest of Plauen.

The towns swimming pool opens in June each year, see photos. The town is lively and has events on year round. There is at least 6 hotels/guest houses in the town, bookings are brisk, there is also restaurants, snack bars, coffee shops, garage and more, this is Germany and Pausa is one of the amazing towns in the country.

For education you will find 2 nurseries, a day care centre, primary and secondary school.

Famously, Pausa is known as being the centre of the earth, but thats not technically true, its really just the centre of Vogtland. With this in mind, the municipality building that sits right in the centre of the town, has a huge rotating globe on top. For hundreds of years an object (Previously a cube) sat where the building is to signify the central position within Vogtland, but now the big globe sits up there, rotating 24/7. For conversation sake, the globe weighs just over a Tonne and is 3 Metres in diameter.

The property is ready to be viewed, or purchased remotely through your nearest embassy or consulate. The property is freehold. Transfer and legal fees will be less than 2k.